THOUSANDS of revellers braved the adverse weather conditions to attend Wrexham's annual Rock the Park festival over the weekend.

Despite many events around the country falling foul to the weather, it was a case of "the show must go on" in Wrexham, despite wind in excess of 50mph, and rain battering the site on both Friday and Saturday.

The event did not pass without incident with those attending on Saturday met with a 30 minute delay to the gates opening as organisers ensured the site was completely safe, but the stronger than predicted winds did take their toll with the main outdoor stage left structurally unsound, with all performances due to take place there moved to other stages on the site.

A spokesman said: "The site was hit with extremely strong gusts which have left the outdoor stage structurally unsound.

"For the public's safety we have decided to keep it closed today (Sunday). We are operating the same as yesterdays timetable where all artists due on the Wrexham Prestige stage have moved to the big top and all artists due to perform in the big top with perform on the hideout stage which has received a face lift last night with all the pa and lighting from the main stage being transferred over to the hideout stage.

"Again thank you for your patience, despite the conditions we have faced this week we have all battled through."

Organisers say more than 10 tonnes of hay was used at the entrances of the festival site, which made them drivable following the worst of the weather on Saturday, with many people enjoying the great variety of music on offer, despite complaints of long queues at the bars, with bar staff redeployed to help with maintaining access to and from the site.

The spokesman added: "To also ensure the event could take place after the horrendous weather we have faced this week unfortunately meant there were long queues on the bar as we made the site safe.

"Please also remember this is only year three of this festival and we are still growing and learning."

Sam Foulkes, Managing Director of the event, said the adverse weather and complaints about long queues at the bar had been stressful, with the safety of those attending being at the forefront of his mind, as he thanked people for their support.

He said: "Everyone who has attended rock the park has arrived safely, seen world class music and left safely despite the horrendous conditions we have faced and the obstacles we have overcome."