This is a fantastic walk through woodlands and forest, descending to absolutely stunning views of a waterfall known as Swallow Falls. There are rock boulders and trees that are covered in mosses, lichens and ferns, with stunning rock faces and a view of the surrounding hills and mountains. The woodland floor has pockets of heather and bilberry. There is quite a long gradual ascent, then back to your car. There are no roads and no livestock. Your dog will find water in many places along the way.

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 1hr

How to get there: From the A5 out of Betws y Coed towards Capel Curig, pass the Swallow Falls hotel on your left and take the minor road on the right immediately before the Ugly House tea room.

Grid Reference: SH 765583

Parking: Free in the Ty'n Llwyn Forestry Commission car park

Facilities: There are no facilities

You will need: Dog leads, the Forestry Commission has a 'stick and flick' policy

The walk:

From the car park facing the road, turn left through a gap in the stone wall. Cross the picnic area and follow the yellow way markers along a path, passing through a gap in the fence. There are views to the left across the valley to the hills beyond. Pass through an open wooded area with bracken and then, after passing through another gap in the fence, you will be in mixed woodland. The path will descend and you pass a path on the left.

Now in the forest amongst the conifers, the path will take a sharp left bend just as you pass some houses to the right. You will then enter under the canopy of mature oak trees with hazel understory.

The path bends sharply to the right and then a little further along it will take another sharp bend, this time to the left, ascending once more.

There is another sharp bend to the right followed by a set of stone steps, then another sharp turn as you make your way down the hill. The path will narrow and then you will meet another wider track. Cross this path and continue to descend, a little more steeply now, into

mixed woodlands.

Pass through a gap in the old stone wall, staying on the obvious worn path. At the bottom of the steps at the fork of another track, take the right track, descending still but only gradually. Continue on this path for some distance. As you enter the beech woodland you will hear and then see the river on your right. Ignore the path to the right and then a little further along ignore a path to the left. Just afterwards you will see a narrow path to the right. If you take this path you can have close up views of the waterfall. Put your dog on a lead, as there is a

chance he may get over the fence.

This is a truly amazing scene as the wide waterfall races down over and around the rock boulders. Back on the path, turn right to continue until you reach a set of steps on your right. If your dog is more adventurous, put him on the lead, then follow down the steps to a bench and a viewing area. Here you will see the full extent of the waterfall. It really is a wonderful sight to experience; your dog will get restless long before you are ready to leave.

Turn right back on the path, walking with stock fencing on your right and heading to the rock face ahead. You will pass the rock face to your left. There are views of the river with oak woods to both sides of the valley below.

Just after you pass between two wooden posts you will reach a fork. Take the left fork, where you begin your upward climb through the forest on a grassy track. You will meet with another track where you will see a stream ahead. Your dog can find water here.

Turn left on this track, where again the forest is replaced by woodland as you climb a little higher. The path has a series of switchbacks as you make your way up the hill. Once you reach another track turn right. As the path descends a little more steeply take the steps on the left, which lead back into the forest.

The path is a little steeper here, passing over rocks that are hidden with moss. Follow the yellow way markers for some distance as the path becomes unclear. You will reach a viewpoint just off the path. Put your dogs on a lead, as there is a bit of a drop and take a look.

Turn back on the path and turn left.You will pass through a gap in the stone wall, then follow the grassy path with a rock face to your right. On reaching another path turn right and continue through the trees back to your car.

This walk appears in Countryside Dog Walks - Snowdonia, Seddon Neudorfer £8.99, 978-0-95 737 22-2- 1. Available from local

bookshops and online from the publisher's website: