Hundreds of fundraisers will be thrilled to be out for a duck at a cricket club as they raise funds for a children’s hospice.

Harry’s Duck Race will be held at Pontblyddn Cricket Club on Sunday, August 18 in memory of Harry Jones, of Wrexham, who died suddenly in his sleep aged just four in 2005 and will raise funds for Hope House Children’s Hospices.

Julia Jones, Harry’s mum, says the family has organised a duck race in memory of her son and to raise funds for Hope House every year since Harry’s tragic and unexpected death and this is the second year the fun event will be held at Pontblyddn Cricket Club.

She said: “After Harry passed away we wanted to do something like an annual event his friends from Borras Park School, where he and his twin brother Charlie attended, could enjoy.

“We started with a teddy bear walk and duck race and we’ve carried that on every year since.

“It’s been a fantastic way to raise funds and over the years the event, along with other fundraising, means we have raised almost £60,000 for Hope House which we are very proud of.”

Julia says the help and support she and Harry’s dad Jeff received from Hope House after their son’s passing has meant a great deal as they try and come to terms with their loss.

She said: “No one expects to lose a child. Harry just went to sleep one day and never woke up. He was a four-year-old twin boy who was full of energy and life.

“The cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, a heart condition that had gone undetected and undiagnosed – there were no signs.

“Harry was a real character, full of mischief and much older in his ways than his four years. In fact that’s perhaps what I miss the most - his fun loving personality. He was always up to something.

“We couldn’t stand the thought of Harry lying in a hospital mortuary after he passed away and were so grateful Hope House Hospice allowed him to rest in their special Snowflake Room.

“Thanks to the Snowflake Room, a room specially designed so parents can be with their deceased children before the funeral, we were able to sit with Harry and say our goodbyes in a warm loving environment, it meant a great deal.

“Losing him has broken our hearts. We miss him so much I cannot begin to put it into words. It's so cruel.

“Jeff and I and both our boys, Sam and Charlie, have had and still do have counselling by trained Hope House staff which certainly helps and we feel supported.

“We have always tried to support Hope House. It’s an amazing place just full of love and special people."

Julia added: “Harry’s Duck Race will be a really fun day. Last year was amazing and we raised more than £5,000. This year promises to be even better and we hope to raise even more for what is a wonderful cause.

“This year, as well as the little £1 ducks, Hope House have sold lots of bigger ducks at £30 each. And there is a competition for the best decorated duck. The event itself is great fun and we have lots going on that make it such a great family day.

“Thanks to Robert Dyke Santander, Oswestry staff will be running the burger and hot dog stall. And thanks to many local businesses we will have a number of stalls including our own cake stall.

“The mayor of Wrexham is coming along to judge the best dressed corporate duck and will start the races. And there will be a few races as we have sold more than 600 small ducks.

“Family friend Susie Trow who runs her own Utility Warehouse business has really helped by selling so many small and big ducks, she has been amazing.

“And friends and family members have been very supportive too helping to sell so many ducks and raise so much money in memory of a very special and much loved little boy.”

Hope House Children’s Hospices area fundraiser Nicola Sciarrilo says Harry’s Duck Race promises to be a fantastic and fun event.

She said: “Last year was amazing and this year promises to be even bigger. We are so grateful to Julia, Jeff and their family for all the money they have raised over the years since Harry’s tragic death. Their continued support is incredible and they really are an amazing family.”

She added: “It’s a sad fact that every week, three local families face their biggest fear and their child dies. Hope House Children’s Hospices cannot stop children dying but we can stop families suffering on their own.

“When they are facing the most devastating loss of their lives we must be there. We need to reach every child, mum, dad, sister and brother and to do this we need to raise more money so we can offer even more services such as our Snowflake Room.

“We need to raise in excess of £6m a year to support all the children and families we help from across North Wales, Shropshire and parts of Cheshire. That’s why it’s so important we have as much help as possible from communities and businesses across the region.”

She added: “There is still time to buy a £1 duck or a £30 big duck. There are prizes for the best dressed duck and lots of small prizes too. And while prizes are important it’s really more about joining in and having fun.”

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