A WOMAN wheelchair bound following an emergency has had a despairing 14 month wait for new accommodation.

Susan Ann Davies, 62, who has been living in the front room of her two-storey Caergwrle house, had her leg amputated due to complication during treatment for peripheral artery disease.

Now wheelchair dependent she lives on top of a steep hill on Bryn Yorkin, with her bathroom situated in the upstairs of the house.

With that being the case, she is confined to her front room, from where she eats, sleeps and uses a comode as a toilet.

While Susan is on the waiting list for a council bungalow, her daughter Amanda Jones is angry with how long the process is taking.

She said: "It's not humane to live in those conditions, she's barely been out of the house and to be honest its mentally draining for her.

The Leader:

"She gets embarrassed when she has visitors because of using the toilet in her front room .

"I have even had to come from my work to empty it for her, it's good job I've got the best bosses.

"But the council's lack of communication and the uncertainty over what my mum's position is simply isn't good enough.

"My mum came out of hospital on May 25, 2018, and the only help she's had is a wheelchair. I think we've been very patient, and I understand other people have needs, but something needs to be done now."

A Flintshire Council spokesman said: “We understand and appreciate this challenging situation and have been working with Mrs Davies to find suitably adapted accommodation which fully meets her needs, ideally in the area of her choice.

"Her current property has already been converted several times – with a downstairs shower area having been changed into an extended kitchen.

"The property is too large for her and is now unsuitable, being on a hill with steps up to the property, so, alternative accommodation is being sought. We cannot justify the cost of around £25,000 to convert this three bedroomed property for one person. The conversion would require more than just a new stair lift. This is why we are actively looking for alternative and suitable accommodation for Mrs Davies.

"However, there are only a limited number of properties which would meet her needs in her preferred area and, currently, all are occupied. However, we will continue to work with Mrs Davies to find a solution.”

But Amanda is not happy with the council's response.

She said: "The house was modernised at least 30 odd years ago, along with all the other houses in the street. As for working with my mum, the only reason why I've gone to press with the is because of the lack of communication from the council."