IT has got to have been a good couple years since I last ate in the Hollybush in Cefn y Bedd and that was a quick lunch with my son.

Over the months I have popped in to take advantage of their beer garden and have always been amazed at how busy the dining area seems to be.

But its no wonder when you see the plates piled high coming out from the kitchen.

So when a friend suggested we meet there for a catch-up we decided to put their good pub grub to the test despite it being an amazingly hot evening

I opted for the Chef’s Own Double Tasty Beef Lasagne with dressed salad, coleslaw and crunchy garlic bread. Their portion sizes were huge but I was determined to give it a go. There was plenty of goey cheese and loads of Bolognese sauce between the pasta sheets and plenty of green salad so I could convince myself my meal was not too calorific.

My lovely friend opted for thick butchers sausages with onion gravy, Yorkshire pud, ponch maip and peas, the plate was piled so high it was bigger than her! Ponch maip by the way is a North Wales dish of potato, swede and turnip. With an abundance of onions, vegetables and gravy it really was a magnificent meal.

Her wonderful son Harry had crispy cod goujons, chips and beans and despite initial protestations that he didn’t want the beans he finished with an almost clean plate.

Desserts were ordered and they did take a while to come but that was not an issue as we had plenty to catch up on and the pub was clearly very busy.

The staff at the Hollybush are all super friendly and with good grub and top staff it is no wonder the pub was busy on a Tuesday night.

I am told their Sunday dinners are good too.

The Hollybush, Cefn-y-bedd

Ambience 8/10

Food 8/10

Service 8/10

Child friendly - Yes

Disabled access -Yes