AFTER raining non stop for three days and three nights, I came to the conclusion that constantly staring out of the back window at the now small boating lake proportions flood in our garden, wasn't doing my mental state much good.

In times of a crisis, my default setting is always to allow my stomach to make the decisions, and after a brief conflab with my wife, we decided to brave the weather, made a mad dash to the car and set off on our way for something tasty and comforting to eat.

The previous week we had been forced to take a detour through the picturesque village of Christleton, near Chester, due to traffic jams on the A41, and as we did so we decided to stop off at the Ring O' Bells for a quick drink in the beer garden in the sunshine.

Less than seven days later and after enough rainfall to prompt oneself to get an ark on order, I suggested heading back to the Bells to try out the food, after managing to get a sneaky peak at the menu the week earlier.

Much has changed at the attractive village pub, that a friend and I used to frequent at the tender age of 19 every week in a forlorn attempt to woo solicitors-in-the-making from the law college round the corner. Back then it was more of a drinkers' pub, but following a major extension and refurb, it now offers up an extensive menu, to be enjoyed in sleek modern surroundings.

After only just negotiating the mother of all floods on the road into the village, we were given a choice of where we would like to sit and we opted for the original bar area, which brought the memories flooding back.

We ordered a drink and soon got back into our routine of the past three days of watching the rain bounce down, albeit from a different window for the next couple of hours.

The weather had obviously kept a few people indoors, but there were a some brave diners and it was a Monday evening also.

We were soon asked if we were ready to order and I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and ordered a burger. But on this occasion my choice of meal wasn't that straightforward, as the good people at the Ring O' Bells have formulated a dedicated burger menu. After changing my mind at least three times, I eventually opted for the burger special, which on this occasion was an Indian spiced burger.

My wife chose the Katsu curry with basmati rice and fresh Asian slaw and a side of chunky chips. For those who have had the misfortune to have read any of my previous taste tests, may by now have noticed a pattern forming. 'That guy only ever orders a burger', I can hear you cry, but let me put it into context. My wife is a vegetarian and out of laziness we tend to eat the same evening meal at home, so when we go out for a meal, it is all things cow for me.

I wouldn't have ever thought of conjuring up a curry burger myself, but it was truly immense. The burger was chargrilled on the outside and soft and juicy in the middle, and ever so slightly pink, which I like, and the spicy topping was delicious. It was all a marriage made in heaven. The accompanying fries were light and crispy and incredibly moreish.

My wife's Katsu curry looked amazing and she reported back that the flavours were beautiful and the vegetables perfectly cooked. For the purposes of this review I took it upon myself to pinch a chunky chip and boy were they good - crispy and golden brown, and amazingly soft and fluffy in the middle.

Despite both being full, my wife suggested taking a look at the desserts and in usual style let me order first, only then to say she was full. Why do I fall for this every time?!

Given the dreadful weather I decided to cheer myself up with the always comforting sticky toffee pudding. I am a fully paid up member to the sticky toffee pudding appreciation society and have no fear, the one that was served did not disappoint and was one of the best I have devoured for some time.

After settling the bill, we vowed to make our way back to the Ring O' Bells on our bikes on a sunny day to kick back in the pretty beer garden and sample some more of those burgers.

Ring O’ Bells, Village Road, Christleton Tel: 01244 335422

Food 9/10

Service 9/10

Ambiance 9/10

Wheelchair access yes

Children welcome yes