A PADLOCK has been returned to the entrance gate of a community playing field several days after quad bikes gained unauthorised access.

A group of people and quad bikes were spotted on the Sandycroft playing field last weekend when there was no lock on the gate.

Queensferry and Sandycroft town councillors discussed the issue with a Street Scene officer on Tuesday (July 9), before a new padlock was put in place immediately after.

It is hoped that the new lock will prevent any further instances of unauthorised access to the field.

Councillor Pat Connah, who chaired the town council meeting in the absence of Cllr Eric Lomas, said: “The field is kept locked to discourage people from using it, and by breaking that lock they are gaining access to a playing field which is used by children.

“Having those kinds of vehicles on the grass has also disrupted the surface, and that will also affect the local sports clubs who use it. But hopefully, there will not be any more instances of this dangerous activity on the field.”