AN international karate champion jailed for sexually abusing a girl of 13 was sent back to prison for 18 months for “persistent” breaches of court orders imposed to protect children.

Caernarfon crown court heard Liam Parry, 38, of Buckley, had changed his name by deed poll from Liam O’Grady on his release from a five-year jail term imposed in 2012. He’d moved to Wales from York.

Prosecuting barrister Matthew Curtis said the defendant had been a karate coach at the time of the abuse. He’d won world and European medals.

But following his move to Flintshire he had attended Mold rugby club. His wife was a primary school teacher and team manager and they were regarded as a “trustworthy” couple.

Mr Curtis said : "Photographs from the club website showed the defendant at the centre of groups of young male children.” Parry was described by other parents as “pushy or opinionated” and was asked to become a coach but he refused to do so.

However, he never disclosed his convictions.

Counsel said, eventually, parents had discovered Parry’s previous name and a club official “Googled” his past. Police were alerted.

“This is a very serious and persistent breach,” the prosecutor alleged.

Simon Gurney, defending, said Parry recognised he had made “serious mistakes in the manner he conducted himself.”

He said :"These proceedings, having the threat of a custodial sentence, have been a salutary lesson for him.

“The defendant maintains at the time he was attending the rugby club he didn’t believe what he was doing was in breach. He accepts, over time, he overstepped the boundaries by assisting to a limited extent with the club’s activities. While he was invited to take on a more active role, he refused these requests.”

The lawyer declared :”These were offences that caused no harm. The original offences were nearly a decade ago.”

Parry had been married since 2006. The family intended to move to Blackburn where Parry worked.

Imprisonment for a second time would be “devastating” for his children.

Judge Huw Rees said Parry had a degree in civil engineering. But he had persistently breached a sexual offences prevention order, going on organised trips to rugby competitions.

“You actively integrated into the social life of the rugby club,” the judge remarked.

Parry, of Well Street, Buckley, had also shown a “persistent disregard” to the terms of notification requirements. He’d failed to tell police about a new passport and two family summer holidays abroad in 2017 and 2018.

The judge said he’d also failed to disclose that his wife was a team manager at the rugby club and a teacher. “These are persistent breaches over a period of time,” Judge Rees added. “There’s a distinct overall element of deceit in your offending.”

He said the 18 months jail term would be served immediately. Parry admitted breaching his sexual offences prevention order between January 2015 and August 2017 and failing to comply with notification requirements.