SHARRON WALKER has encouraged more women to join Wrexham’s newest supporters’ group.

The Wrexham Rubies is a ladies supporters group for The Racecourse outfit, with the aim of making new friends, holding social events and raising funds for the club.

Sharron, from Summerhill and out in Portugal for the Reds’ training camp, is a committee member and would love to entice more members.

“The Wrexham Rubies were formed as a ladies supporters’ group,” said Walker.

“We are trying to encourage other ladies to come and support the club.

“There are lots of ladies who do enjoy football but maybe feel a little intimidated to come on their own, or feel that they can’t.

“It is a male dominated environment, so we decided to come together to form a group; do some visits or extra activities, and do some fundraising.

“It is a really nice little gathering of like-minded ladies who enjoy football.”

Sharron, who has been to the Algarve all three years that Wrexham have headed to the region for their pre-season training camp, sponsors the club and is staying in the same hotel as the team.

“I consider it an honour to be asked by Geoff Scott and the club to come and represent the supporters,” she said.

“I have been a sponsor of the club now for many years. I sponsor a player and I always sponsor the match ball of the last game of the season in the hope and belief that we are going to go up to the Football League where we belong.

“We are all one, we are all doing our best to try and get us where we need to be.

“Any little bit that I can do to help, I will gladly do that.”

Sharron is without her husband Tim in Portugal this year.

“He has come the last two years but unfortunately due to work commitments he couldn’t come this year,” she said.

“I have come with my niece Jennifer, who came last year as well, so that is good.”

It is accompanying Jennifer to matches at a younger age that led to Sharron becoming a regular at The Racecourse.

“I really started to follow Wrexham when my niece was very small about 20 years ago,” she said.

“She came with her dad, she was only little and I thought she needed someone to look after her because my brother would be too busy supporting the team!”

Sharron is relieved to see midfielder Luke Summerfield sign a new deal with Wrexham and end a recent curse of players that she has sponsored.

“Previous years I have sponsored Louis Moult, Dominic Vose and Sam Wedgbury but unfortunately they have only stayed at the club for a year!” she added.

“I have got a bit of a curse on them, so well done to Luke for staying for two years.”