A DRUNK who assaulted a PC screamed at officers “stop raping me” after he was placed inside a police van, a court heard.

Matthew Brian Hoare was aggressive with police, “taking his coat off and prancing around the pavement” on Chester Street in Wrexham during the late-night commotion.

Hoare demanded police give him an incident number and a record of their actions as they took him into custody.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said the defendant grappled with the officers as he was handcuffed and then he grabbed hold of the right leg of one PC.

“He tightened his clasp and caused the officer pain,” said the prosecutor.

“He was violent and headbutted the inside of the van and was shouting “Stop raping me”.

The officers had arrived on the scene to help two PCSOs who were trying to tackle Hoare, who smelt strongly of alcohol, but Hoare refused to leave the street when he was told.

Probation officer Jonny Belbin said Hoare, a quality auditor with a Wrexham food manufacturer, had drunk half a bottle of Vodka before heading out for the night with £40 in cash, which had vanished by the time he woke up in the police station cells.

“He was mainly drinking Vodka. He drinks alone as his peers don’t like drinking with him as it leads to this sort of thing happening,” said the probation worker.

“He was shocked when he heard the words he’d used and expressed remorse, even saying he would go to the police station and apologise for his poor choice of actions.”

North East Wales Magistrates Court at Mold was told Hoare was viewed as a good employee and his job was not under threat but he had got into debt with payday loans and was suffering with depression.

Hoare, 27, of Erddig Road, Wrexham admitted assaulting an emergency worker on May 9.

He was placed under a 12-month community order, which included a four-month alcohol treatment programme, and was told by Paul Rutt, chairman of the magistrates, to “get some hobbies like fishing and cycling….find other ways of making friends rather than going to the pub”.

He is also required to complete five rehabilitation activity days and 40 hours of unpaid work, while he will have to pay costs of £85.