A dog has died after being stabbed while in his kennel.

Fane, a five-year-old spaniel, died following the incident, which took place at about 1am on Saturday on Plas Wern, Rhos.

North Wales Police have now launched an investigation to identify those involved.

A second dog, Olive, a 14-year-old pug, was not stabbed but had to be put down following the brutal attack.

Mercedes Williams, whose parents were the dogs owners, said the entire family is distraught.

The Leader:

The dogs who died - Fane and Olive

“I was away with my mum and dad in Pwllheli on holiday, it was only my 18-year-old sister and her friends who were in at the time.

“She said that she went outside for a cigarette, and when she went outside, she saw blood pouring out of Fane, she realised that he had been stabbed.

“She was terrified, she’s been left seriously distraught over the entire thing. She doesn’t want to go back to the house because of what happened.

“It’s lucky that she was in the house when it happened, who knows what would have happened to her and her friends if they had been outside when the attacker was there.”

The Leader:

Two dogs have died after sustaining injuries at their home in Wrexham

Both dogs were taken to Vets Now at Rhyd Broughton Practice in Wrexham, but Miss Williams said that Fane died whilst in the car, and Olive had to be put down as a result of her injuries.

In a post on Facebook, Miss Williams urged others not to leave their pets outside overnight.

She added: “We have no enemies or have any idea why anyone would carry out such a brutal attack on their dog while we were all away at our caravan.

The Leader:

“My 18-old-sister and her friends tried their absolute best to do what they could but sadly failed as he had already bled out in minutes.

“We urge people to be vigilant in the Gardden Road, Wern Las area of Rhos. The mess and heartache we had to come home to was absolutely devastating.”

The 28-year-old added that the incident has not only affected her family but the entire neighbourhood and described her disbelief of the offender’s actions.

“Obviously we’ve all been left distraught and scared, the whole street is aware of what happened, and the neighbourhood is scared.

“The thought that people are walking around our estate carrying knives, willing to commit those sorts of acts, it’s terrified everyone.

“My parents have been left heartbroken. Fane and Olive were two lovely, friendly family dogs. They were good natured, happy, and they’re going to be missed so much.

“I just can’t believe that anyone could go through with the acts they’ve committed; how can they live with themselves after what they’ve done?"

A spokesman from North Wales Police said: "We were called to a house on Wern Las around 1.10am on June 15, to a report that a dog had been stabbed.

"The wounded dog was taken to a vet but died shortly afterwards.

"A second dog found at the location was also taken to the vet, it had not been stabbed but was also put to sleep.

"An investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made."