SENIOR councillors are to discuss their authority's aims for the coming year.

Every local authority is required to publish an annual plan.

Flintshire Council's plan - which sets out the its aims and objectives for 2019/20 - is to be discussed by cabinet members on June 18.

This year’s plan is updated with details of the council’s seven priorities, up from six last year - an additional priority being 'safe and clean council.”

The remaining six priorities are: caring council, ambitious council, learning council, green council, connected council and serving council.

Within caring council, the authority's aims include provision of new social and affordable homes.

Setting out some of the plan's aims, a council spokesman said: "We are working to prevent homelessness, offering more diverse housing options.

"We continue to work positively towards meeting the Welsh Government target for all social housing to be brought up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2020.

"We are continuing to fill the gap between traditional care in the home and long term residential care by opening our fourth extra care scheme in Holywell as well as extending Marleyfield House care home in Buckley.

"Domiciliary care services will be delivered to individuals in their own home by working with social enterprises to deliver the services.

"Support will be given to residents with a learning disability to become more independent with the opening of the new modern day centre, Hwb Cyfle.

"As an ambitious council, we will adopt a strategy to ensure long term sustainability of town centres.

"We will help local communities to be resilient and self-supporting with service models to sustain local public services.

"As a committed green council we aim to calculate the council’s total carbon footprint which will support an action plan to reduce carbon emissions and reduce single use plastic consumption.

"A local plan will be developed to increase the number of E-charging points across the County.

"As a connected council, we are supporting local communities to be resilient and self-supporting.

"Our new priority, safe and clean council, will ensure that we adopt a consistent and collaborative approach to addressing community safety as well as agreeing standards for environment services to provide assurance about performance of enforcement of car parking, litter and dog fouling."

Colin Everett, chief executive of Flintshire Council, said: “Flintshire continues to be a high performer, and this plan helps us focus on performance in priority service areas.

"The plan also sets out some exciting new initiatives and innovations.”

Councillor Ian Roberts, leader of Flintshire Council, said: "This plan sets out our key priorities to support and enhance residents’ lives.

"We continue with some of our priorities for example, expanding the provision of affordable homes for residents in need, protecting people from poverty, enabling people to live independently and well at home, whilst avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital.

“Despite continued financial austerity, we will remain committed and ambitious as a Council to continue to deliver for our local communities.”

Councillor Billy Mullin, cabinet member for corporate management and assets, added: “We aim to continue the work of supporting children and young people to achieve their potential; enhancing the natural environment and promoting access to open and green spaces.

"The important thing is that Flintshire is setting ambition and continues to reach and surpass its targets sustaining a solid performance every year.”

The final council plan will be available on the website before the end of July.