A MAN frustrated over his living conditions went to the council offices and caused damage.

Kevin Alexander Williams, 50, of Old Chester Road in Holywell, was unhappy about his accommodation and had gone through the proper channels to try to move but felt he was getting nowhere, North East Wales magistrates were told.

He went to the Flintshire Connects building at Holywell and initially lay on the conference room floor.

But he then went on to cause damage valued at some £900 to a computer and telephone owned by Flintshire Council during the incident on March 4.

Prosecutor Kevin Challinor told the Mold court Williams slammed a door twice and then staff could hear banging in the room.

They pressed the panic alarm, evacuated themselves and clients and police were called.

Solicitor Patrick Geddes, defending, described his client as "a gentle giant" who felt that he had been provoked into the situation by his current housing situation.

"It is hoped he can get the help he needs through the probation service," he told the court.

Probation officer Miriam Arton said Williams was frustrated about the lack of repairs at his home which was the trigger for the offence on the day.

He lived in a one-bedroomed flat in Holywell which was not suitable for his needs.

There was a lot of anti-social behaviour and substance misuse around there.

The promise of a move to Greenfield had fallen through which had added to his frustration.

"Unfortunately, it is something of a waiting game which is affecting his emotional wellbeing," she explained.

The court heard Williams had worked as a refuse collector until he suffered a serious accident and suffered a fractured ankle.

He had done voluntary work which suited him and he would like to return to that in the future.

Williams had an advocate who was helping him with his finances and benefits.

Under a community mental health order he saw a doctor every six months but he felt he did not receive help in between those appointments.

He had a personality disorder but was normally quite a calm individual when he took his medication and it had taken some time to get the correct medication.

Williams had previously been alcohol dependent but he had been sober for two-and-a-half years.

Magistrates told him he was a big man and it would have been frightening for anyone working in the office when he caused the damage.

He was placed on a 12 month community order with 20 days of rehabilitation and was fined £100 and ordered to pay £400 towards the compensation.

They said he should take advantage of the help he would be offered by the probation service and that hopefully things would look up for him in the future.