A MAN who simulated sex with a security officer as she was trying to attach his curfew tag has been jailed for two years.

Leon Lovell from Wrexham was told public servants deserved protection when carrying out their duties.

Lovell, 34, had only been released on licence from prison on the morning of the attack.

He grabbed the officer around the waist and mounted her to simulate sexual intercourse while she was attaching a tagging monitor to a chair in the lounge.

Recorder Gregory Bull QC said: “You straddled her from behind and it has had a profound effect on her.

“People carrying out a public duty deserve to be protected and this is an aggravating feature of this attack.”

Lovell engaged in sexual banter with the officer at his relative’s property in Bennion's Road, Wrexham.

At one stage he offered her £100 to move his tag from one ankle to the other.

When she moved to fix the equipment he jumped on her back, grabbed her and thrusted four or five times at her bottom in a sexual assault that lasted about 15 seconds.

The woman said it was not until she got outside to her car later that she realised she was so angry about Lovell’s behaviour.

She had completed her task of ensuring the defendant’s tag was properly fitted so his curfew could be monitored, but then marked him as a high risk on an assessment form she was required to fill in because of his inappropriate behaviour.

The woman told the court: “I have asked myself the question over and over again why I did not leave and I can’t answer it.”

And she added: “He put his arms around me and said we were going to be going on a date.

"He put his arm around my shoulder and he walked me out of the front door.”

She said she then phoned her supervisor and recalled: “When I read out what he had done to me it became clear. I was crying and shaking.”

Lovell denied grabbing the officer and thrusting at her with his pelvis.

He said he had placed his hands on her as he had been trying to get her out of his way as he wanted to get matters “over and done with”.

The defendant’s aunt, who was in her house at the time told the court she had not seen her nephew make any contact with the officer.

Lovell, 34, of Percy Road, denied indecent assault on August 8 last year, but was found guilty by a unanimous jury verdict at Mold Crown Court.

The recorder told Lovell: “She was vulnerable to attack by you.

"There has been no contrition by you.

"You have lied throughout the trial.”