POLICE confiscated large amounts of nitrous oxide from a teenager as part of a crackdown on anti-social youths marking the end of their time at school.

Officers seized almost 200 canisters of nitrous oxide – more commonly known as laughing gas which can be fatal if mixed with alcohol – from the youth in Marford on Friday evening.

They were dealing with anti-social behaviour being caused by school leavers in Gresford and Marford.

North Wales Police's Wrexham Rural team posted a number of messages on Friday and Saturday about the incidents

Posts on the NWP Wrexham Rural Facebook page stated: "Do you know where your children are?

"Are they drinking in Marford quarry for school leavers?

"NWP have already seized a large amount of alcohol and gas from youths in the area.

"Under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in the area #Gresford #Wrexham."

The statement continued: "A number of complaints were reported of anti-social behaviour including children jumping on vehicles, kicking vehicles and causing a nuisance in the Marford area last night due to a school leavers party in Marford Quarry.

"NWP are aware and dealing with the incidents.

"Following the stops of teenagers from the age of 14 to 16 last night, a quantity of alcohol was seized, more worrying was that a 15-year-old was carrying 192 canisters of nitrous oxide.

"Nitrous oxide can be fatal if inhaled more so with alcohol."