PUPILS are looking forward to getting up to speed with the newest technology thanks to a fundraising campaign.

Children at Ysgol Yr Hafod, in Johnstown, are soon going to be using new Chromebooks, which they have raised the money for themselves via online fundraising.

The school's eCadets are hoping they will be able to purchase more new equipment due to the success of the campaign.

Teacher Sarah Kirby said: "We have been raising money through a Crowdfunding campaign set up for the project about a month ago.

"We sent the link out to parents and local businesses just to get the message out there and people have been donating online.

"It's the first time we have done this to raise funds. It's quite innovative and now other schools might do the same.

"SP Energy donated £400 and we have also had good donations from Hafod Landfill, Excell supply agency, and another supply agency, CER.

"Pupils have also held cake stalls and sold books and we are now going to be able to buy the eight Chromebooks that we wanted.

"We've raised £1,518 in total and we are hoping the PTA will match fund it.

"The eCadets are digital leaders within the school and go into classes to present sessions to other pupils, and promote digital citizenship.

"Purchasing this new technology will help them with that."