AUDITIONS for The Voice UK came back to Wrexham, with many hopeful singers vying for a spot on the ITV talent show.

The potential contestants gathered at the ROC2 Studios on Borras Road and were given ten minutes to impress representatives from the show.

The Leader caught up with some of those hopeful people to find out how they were feeling and what they were singing.

One of the auditionees was Morgan Parry, 19, who previously featured in The Leader for overcoming her ADHD and anxiety to perform in public.

The teenager from Llay was diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD and PTSD a few years ago, but has since discovered a love and talent for singing that has enabled her to overcome those issues.

The Leader:

Morgan Parry auditioning on her 19th birthday

The day of the audition was her 19th birthday, and Miss Parry described how she was feeling after leaving the audition room.

“It’s weird because I actually always feel worse after I’ve sang, I felt really nervous waiting to go in, but I feel even more nervous now that’s over, which is pretty strange.

“I feel a lot better within myself, it’s still very hard but I’m getting there slowly, but I never dreamed I would do something like this.

“I sang Feel My Love by Adele, I’ve really liked Adele since I was quite young, and it’s the first song I ever sang when I was in school, I love it.”

Her mum, Kim Hayes, added: “She’s never had any lessons, never had any training, she’s just Morgan and she’s brilliant.”

Another auditionee, Alice Jones, 21, from Borras, explained how she came to be part of The Voice auditions.

The Leader:

Alice Jones of Borras was auditioning

“They contacted me and asked me to come down after seeing some of my videos, so I’ve got a quick ten-minute audition and let’s hope they want to take it further.

“I feel very nervous about it all, but at the same time I’m so excited to get in there because it is a big opportunity. I’m singing Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, it’s a great song, one of my favourites and I just love Fleetwood Mac.

“I love The Voice; I watch it all the time because it’s different from any other competition. It’s more about the person’s actual singing voice rather than a person’s general image.”

The Leader:

Koutha Newman was auditioning for the second time

For 23-year-old Koutha Newman, from Wrexham, this was not her first interaction with the show, as she auditioned for the programme back in 2014.

She said: “I actually auditioned for The Voice back when I was 18, but unfortunately I was told that I was a bit too young and that I ‘hadn’t found myself yet’, so hopefully I’ll fair better today.

“I’m feeling a bit apprehensive to be honest. I sing every day, perform nearly every weekend, but this is a totally different pressure, a totally different feeling, but I’m excited too.

“I’m part of a band called ‘Lady and the Tramps’, we gig a lot locally and not-so-locally as well. We do weddings and functions, that sort of thing.”

The Leader:

Karl Joseph was auditioning at The Voice UK

“I spotted that The Voice was coming here to Wrexham on Facebook actually, so I reached out and asked whether there were any spots left for me to audition, more out of hope than anything really but there were so I guess I’m quite lucky.

“I’ve gone for At Last by Etta James for my song, it is my favourite song ever, to sing, to perform, to listen to, it’s just fantastic and Etta James is one of the best of all time.”

The auditionees are now eagerly waiting to find out if they are to progress in the competition.

The Leader: