A CROWD of between 15 and 20 youths were involved in a disturbance in a

Wrexham street, a court was told.

Police were called to the disturbance in the Chester Street and High Street area on November 25.

Levy Anthony Jones, 19, of Tower View in Caia Park, admitted affray and possessing a metal bar as an offensive weapon.

Prosecutor Rhian Jones told North East Wales Magistrates Court at Mold that Jones was seen approach two males swinging the metal bar.

He then threw the bar away and took his top off before adopting a fighting stance and threw a punch towards another male.

The crowd all ran off when the police arrived.

Interviewed, Jones said he had found the bar on the floor.

He admitted swinging it because there "were more of them than him".

Jones said he did not make any connection with anyone with the bar.

Solicitor Catherine Jagger, defending, said it was all triggered by a group of males being verbally abusive to two females.

There was another side to him, Miss Jagger said.

Some six months ago, she said, she had represented people in another case of street violence where Jones had been able to help protect the complainant and stayed at the scene until the police arrived.

Probation officer Andrew Connah said Jones accepted full responsibility for what he had done.

He had used the bar in a dangerous and threatening manner but it was his case that he had not made contact with anyone.

"This incident all came about because individuals were making abusive and threatening remarks towards two females in his company," Mr Connah said.

He knew he should have walked away and have nothing to do with it.

Fortunately no-one was seriously injured but he realised it could have been so different.

The Mold court heard Jones was working voluntarily with the hope of being taken on and he had completed a plastering course.

He was due to start on a joinery course which could only be good for the


Magistrates said it was a sustained attack in a gang action.

A four month youth custody sentence would be passed but it would be suspended for a year, they said.

He was ordered to carry out 100 hours in the community and pay £85 costs

and a £115 surcharge.

Magistrates said they could not believe after they heard all the good things about him that he had been so aggressive on the night.

In a related case a teenager charged following the same incident had her case sent to the crown court.

Jordan Nicole Griffiths, 19, of Churchill Drive in Caia Park, is charged with affray, possessing the metal bar which she is also alleged to have been swinging around, and then four charges of assaulting emergency workers, police officers who came to the scene.

She has been bailed to appear at Mold Crown Court on June 14.