AN ASSEMBLY Member has called for the Welsh Government to take action on the single biggest threat facing current and future generations.

During the National Assembly’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills committee, Jack Sargeant AM, said he welcomes the Government declaring a climate change emergency and welcomes the low-carbon plan which is the first in Wales.

The Alyn and Deeside AM said: "Given the fact that we have got these plans and proposals in place—zero emissions taxis by 2028, which I think we all welcome—do you think we need to put these targets into a national transport strategy, linking maybe with active travel? You know, how are we going to meet these carbon reductions without a strategy?"

Ken Skates AM confirmed work was taking place on the Welsh transport strategy, which will be revised for the first time since 2008. The AM said the declaration of a climate emergency could not have been more timely as it will enable the strategy to respond to the emergency.

Mr Sargeant also made reference to the recent announcement from New Zealand, which aims to go zero emissions throughout the country by 2050. He raised the question as to whether within the plan, the targets are 'sufficiently ambitious' for this.

In response to this, the Minister for Economy and Transport, said: "In ensuring that we respond responsibly to the climate emergency, I think we need to consider additional and further interventions. It will, potentially, create some difficult questions that we all need to consider.

"I'll be bringing forward a number of statements in the coming weeks and months that are designed to test our appetite for shifting away from the very careful balance that the EAP has applied to our consideration of business support, and to instead look at whether we need to focus more on supporting decarbonisation. If we do, then it could lead to some difficult decisions."

Concerns were also raised over whether the current budget is adequate to deal with the immediate action and whether Welsh Government believes it can deliver and meet the reduction targets.

Mr Skates added: "I think it's really difficult to calculate the cost of meeting the targets, because so much of the work that is contained within the plan relates to actions that might not be deemed first and foremost decarbonisation. So, I'll take two examples, if I may: one is the £5 billion rail franchise that will deliver a 25 per cent reduction in carbon emissions, and the other house building, which will deliver significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency. It's very difficult to quantify how much of the spend on those two huge investments can actually be allocated towards the decarbonisation element."

Commenting after the meeting, Jack Sargeant AM said: "I am pleased the Minister for Economy and Transport has committed to renewing Wales’ Transport Strategy and I have full confidence in him taking the urgent measures needed to deal with climate change."