A SMALL section of white metal fencing is giving a county councillor a major headache.

Cllr Debbie Wallice said the section of railings is on the busy top end of Jeffreys Road in Wrexham and is dangerous to children who play nearby.

She told Acton Community Council the railings are the responsibility of Wrexham Council and one section of the fencing is bent and very rusty.

“Children being children, I am afraid of them getting stuck in between the railings or getting cut on the rusty part," she said.

"The railings should have been seen to a long time ago, but have been left.”

She said the residents did not want the railings taken away as they provided a buffer to keep the children from the busy road.

"I have taken the issue up with the authority but have been told they cannot afford to repair the railings or replace them with a small hedge.

"No matter what I suggest, the council official has rejected it.

"I just do not know what to do next but it is a very dangerous situation."

Sone community councillors wondered if they could pay for the work from environmental funds, but were reminded the community council had already taken on platforms which used to be the responsibility of Wrexham Council.

The community council decided to wrack their brains in the hope of helping Cllr Wallice, who represents Borras Park on Wrexham Council, to solve the railings problem.