A COMMUNITY councillor has shown his support for a former British Army Major after an incident at a Wrexham planning committee meeting.

Major Donald Moore, who lives in Holt, has called for Cllr Mike Morris, the Chair of Wrexham council's planning committee to resign, after it appeared the politician has called the former aircraft accident investigator "a bloody old fool".

At a meeting of Llay Community Council last Wednesday evening, Cllr Bryan Apsley said he was "disgusted" with the overall conduct of the planning committee and was fully supportive of Major Moore for not accepting either of the two attempts at an apology.

Cllr Apsley said: "I'm totally disgusted with the planning committee for many reasons. The Gresford Road issue goes with saying. Then there's the issue with 11th Avenue, where they replanted the wrong trees.

"The planning committee has been described by a Plaid Cymru councillor as broken beyond repair.

"You all know about the webcast and two apologies have been issued now and thankfully Major Moore has not accepted either of them."

Cllr Apsley said the fact the webcast has since been edited, was an act to simply save their own back, and in no way for the benefit of Major Moore.

Cllr John O'Keefe said the comments made "weren't a joke" and were actually "very disrespectful".