A MAN has been jailed after he admitted possessing a knife in a car which had been driven from Liverpool to the town.

Ricky Richardson was a rear seat passenger in the Audi and the knife was found under the mat where he had been sitting.

Mold Crown Court was told police had intelligence on the vehicle and followed it.

It stopped outside Llys John Dafis in Mold where Richardson lived.

Richardson, 34, admitted possessing the kitchen knife on February 7.

Barrister Jade Tufail, prosecuting, said Richardson told one officer he had it for his own protection because he had been attacked in the past.

He told another officer he had used it for painting and decorating purposes at his uncle's house, which he maintained in his police interview.

Judge Rhys Rowlands jailed him for nine months. He said people found to have such weapons should know that they were likely to go to prison.

The judge said Richardson was one of three men in the car which was being driven by his brother.

When stopped by police Richardson became argumentative and difficult.

He was said to be affected by drink and was unsteady on his feet.

Officers searched the car and found what was a "potentially fearsome weapon" under the mat where he had been sitting.

He told Richardson he was not in full control of himself, which was an aggravating feature.

It was also concerning that he had two previous convictions involving knives and had a conviction in 2014 for having a blade on school premises.

Concerned parents raised the alarm when he was seen with a knife on a school yard and Judge Rowlands said he had been remarkably fortunate to have been dealt with by a conditional discharge at that time.

Defence barrister Nicholas Williams said the knife had not been produced or brandished but remained under the mat.

Richardson's convictions were largely for dishonesty with little violence involved, said Mr Williams.

He had his own accommodation in Mold for the last six years which provided him with stability.

It enabled him to have contact with his three children at weekends.

He was likely to lose his accommodation if he received a sentence of six months or more which would have a significant impact upon him.

Mr Williams said his first conviction involving a knife was when he was very young.

The second occurred when he went to a school to collect his children and the knife fell out of his pocket.