A MULTI-AGENCY investigation into an incident involving a horse in Queensferry deemed there to be 'no signs of neglect'.

RSPCA Cymru and North Wales Police were alerted to the incident at The Range car park in Queensferry on Wednesday (April 17), which was caught on video and shared across social media.

The video, which showed a horse on its side in the car park, caused 'high feelings' among members of the public.

Despite the concerns, an independent vet did not 'deem the animal' to be suffering, and thus the police did not issue a warrant to take the horse.

A North Flintshire Police spokesman had said the 'the RSPCA and an independent vet attended and were happy with the horse's condition and care.'

An RSPCA spokesman said: "The statement saying we were 'happy' with the care of this horse is not correct. We are looking into this issue and we are unable to go into further details for legal reasons.

"However, in order for the RSPCA to seize any animal, an independent vet must deem it is suffering.

"In some cases, we may not like the conditions that animals are being kept in, but we can only act within the law."

Flintshire Council Animal Standards and North Wales Police Rural Crime Time are both 'aware' of the issue.

Police say they 'will continue to monitor' the situation, but that in such circumstances 'other agencies have primacy' in the investigation.

A North Flintshire Police spokesman said on Thursday (18 April): "We are aware of the high feelings regarding the incident involving the horse yesterday afternoon.

"The RSPCA and an independent vet attended and were happy with the horse's condition and care.

"The indication was there were no signs of neglect and hence no criminal issues for the police to act upon.

"Flintshire Council Animal standards and North Wales Police’s Rural Crime Team are also aware of the issue.

"We are the police, but sometimes other agencies have primacy in investigations and matters. We will take advice from and support those agencies with their powers and responsibilities if required. We will continue to monitor with partners."