VISITORS of a Deeside park are being urged to relieve parking and traffic pressures.

Flintshire Countryside Service is encouraging people wanting to visit Wepre Park to walk or cycle due to the increasing popularity, which can impact the park and surrounding areas.

Tom Woodall, Access and Natural Environment Manager said: "We are delighted and proud of the popularity of Wepre Park and the wonderful opportunities it provides for people to enjoy this much-loved natural space together with the leisure facilities it provides, but we do need to ensure that too much pressure is not placed on this important community resource.

"Making your way to Wepre without your vehicle, if you can, will not only reduce CO2 levels and noise pollution, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint, but will also help relieve the impact of increased traffic levels in the area which can detract from people’s enjoyment of the park and cause problems for local residents."

The Leader has previously reported concerns raised regarding the level of parking in and around Wepre Park.

Cllr Carolyn Thomas, cabinet member for streetscene and countryside said the service is keen to maintain and develop natural spaces and country parks for everyone to enjoy.

She added: "Getting outdoors and enjoying our natural environment is vital for everyone’s physical and mental well-being.

"If you are planning a visit to Wepre Park during the school holidays or over the Bank Holiday then please consider walking or cycling there and the benefits that brings not only on a personal level but also for the park and local residents.

"Alternatively, you could consider using the car park at the bottom of Wepre Drive, an easy 10-minute walk to the park. This would make such a positive difference and help relieve parking pressures at the park and on local roads.

"There are also some other wonderful places to visit in Flintshire such as Greenfield Valley Heritage Park and Waun-y-Llyn Country Park on Hope Mountain or you could enjoy a walk along parts of the Wales Coast Path route through Flintshire which takes in Flint Castle, Greenfield Dock and Talacre."

Further information about Flintshire Countryside Service and ideas for walks and other countryside activities is available on the council’s website at