A STUDENT from Flintshire joined Hannah Blythyn AM to get an insight into life as an Assembly Member through an annual programme by Chwarae Teg.

Kathryn Frings, 17, from Alun School, Mold, accompanied the Delyn AM as part of the ‘LeadHerShip’ scheme which gives young women aged 16-22 the chance to shadow an Assembly Member for the day and learn about how key decisions are made in Wales.

The student, from Northop Hall, said: “This experience has provided me with more knowledge about the field and has solidified my desire to pursue politics.

“It was really interesting to see the kinds of things Hannah would do on a day to day basis. It was really fun and interesting to see various aspects of the life of an AM, and it has helped me determine what I want to learn more about.”

The LeadHerShip scheme was founded by Chwarae Teg in an attempt to improve the numbers of women who are involved in political decision making in Wales.

Currently, 47 per cent of AM’s are women, but those figures drop significantly for female councillors and MP’s, with women making up just 28 per cent.

Hannah Blythyn, AM for Delyn, added: “It was great to take part in the LeadHerShip programme once again and welcome Kathryn to shadow me at the National Assembly.

“This scheme is really good opportunity to give students like Kathryn an insight into life as an Assembly Member and discuss how the National Assembly and Assembly Members work for everyone.

“While we’ve made good progress in Wales towards achieving equality, there is more to be done. Visibility is so important, so I hope this programme can go some way to inspiring more young women to play an important role in shaping the future.

Kathryn Frings will be joining Hannah Blythyn once again in the summer, when she undergoes a work experience position for the Delyn Assembly Member.