A SPECIAL athlete from Wrexham is playing his part in tackling obesity by getting active in a bid to earn new gym equipment.

Jason Coles, a member of Wrexham Special Olympics, works in the gym at Deeside Leisure Centre with support from Flintshire Council under the guidance of the fitness instructors, is taking part in the Let's Move campaign.

Let’s Move 'for a better world' is a global challenge created by Technogym, a supplier of gym equipment, to tackle obesity in local communities.

Fitness facilities across the world are collecting the MOVES (gym workouts) performed by members and Technogym are awarding gym equipment for reaching target totals of MOVES. The gym equipment is to be awarded to a beneficiary of the facility’s choice and staff at Deeside Leisure Centre have chosen to award the equipment we win to Wrexham Special Olympics.

Bob Neish said, a fitness instructor at Deeside Health and Fitness in Deeside Leisure Centre is currently leading the centre's Let’s Move campaign.

He said: "Jason is a volunteer who gives up his free time to come in every Friday and help out by cleaning some of the equipment.

"Jason helps us provide a clean and safe environment for our customers and he doesn’t ask for anything in return. He just comes in, cleans the equipment and goes home.

"However there is a lot more to Jason than meets the eye.

"Last year I bumped into Jason at the Wrexham Sports Awards. His father was nominated for Coach of the Year and Jason was there to support him. Jason introduced me to his parents and it was only then that I discovered that Jason was an elite athlete.

"It turns out that Jason’s dad runs Wrexham Special Olympics and Jason has won loads of gold medals in events like shotput, 100m, long jump and swimming.

"Jason also plays football in the Welsh league for the Connah’s Quay Tigers and he plays Cricket internationally for Wales. Only last Friday did Jason travel to Lords after his shift in the gym to play against England.

"I am delighted to that Wrexham Special Olympics will be this year’s beneficiary of our Let’s Move Campaign."

He added: "The challenge started on Monday, March 11 and we invited Jason in, his teammates and family members to kick things off."

The team included Alison Weetman (family), Megan Weetman (athlete), Jason Coles (athlete), Rachael Coles (family) and Head Coach Ron Coles.

Mr Neish added: "The challenge finishes on Saturday, March 20 and we are inviting different organisations and sports clubs in to help contribute to our MOVES total.

"We want to encourage everyone to come in and join the campaign.

"So far we have already collected 452,000 MOVES and are 17th in the UK."