A MUM from Wrexham in drink was found snorting cocaine in her bedroom by her daughter and she ended up assaulting her.

A court heard how the woman was ashamed and tried to push the teenager out of the room but the victim fell on to the floor and hurt her arm.

The 43-year-old mum admitted a reckless assault charge in what was described as a very sad case.

Her solicitor Stephen Edwards told a court that his client had "hit rock bottom".

The woman was placed on a 12 month community order at North East Wales Magistrates Court.

She was placed on rehabilitation and was also fined £60.

In addition, she was fined £100 for possessing cocaine, a class A drug, and ordered to pay £85 costs and an £85 surcharge.

An order was made that the victim should not be publicly identified because of her age.

Magistrates said they did not think it appropriate to award compensation to the daughter.

They said that they took into account that the defendant was dependent upon alcohol and had mental health problems.

The Mold court had also read letters on her behalf including one from the victim, her 17-year-old daughter.

Prosecutor Justin Espie told how the incident took place on the evening of February 24.

The mother returned home drunk and when the daughter later went into the bedroom it appeared to her that she was taking drugs.

He said the daughter was pushed out of the room but she caught her hand on a door handle.

She told her mother to stop pushing her but her mum said: "I will slap you so hard you will not wake up."

The prosecutor said that while it had been claimed in documents before the court that it was out of

character, he said that there had been multiple recorded incidents involving her and members of her family.

Mr Edwards said it was "a sad and tragic case".

He said: "Whenever a person comes before a court for using violence towards her own children one usually is of the opinion that something is not quite right at home."

The defendant was a mother with other children and all her children were bright.

He said the victim was in court in support of her mother, together with her grandmother.

The incident had brought things to a head.

His client had "hit rock bottom" but since then there had been considerable improvements.

The children no longer lived at home, Mr Edwards said.

He said the defendant suffered significant mental health problems and psychosis but her main problem was alcohol.

"She is verging on being an alcoholic. It has been an acute problem for the last three years," he said.

She had found it increasingly difficult to cope and that day her daughter had found her snorting cocaine in her bedroom.

The daughter wanted to do something about it and even took a video of the state her mother was in.

"It does not get any lower when her daughter reports her behaviour to the police because of the effect it is having on her and the children," said Mr Edwards.

"She had sunk to the lowest possible depths. She had hit rock bottom." The defendant was disgusted with herself.

Mr Edwards said he took his hat off to the daughter who he described as "a brave young lady" who realised what was going on and decided it was not good for the mother or her children.

He said his client needed help and rehabilitation rather than punishment.

A restraining order was not being sought because the family "wanted to get back to normal".