HOLYWELL councillors were quick to back a bid to reject nuclear waste being dumped in the town.

Earlier this year, North Wales residents were consulted in the search for a site to dump 60 years’ worth of the UK's most dangerous radioactive waste.

At their monthly meeting, town council members were quick to support the motion that Holywell would not become the host of a nuclear waste dump.

Plaid Cymru’s Jill Evans MEP sent the town council an email on the subject that was read out at the meeting.

She said: “As you know, the government is currently looking for a Welsh community to ‘volunteer’ to host an underground nuclear waste dump, officially described as a geological disposal facility, to bury all the high-level nuclear waste from the UK’s nuclear weapons and nuclear power programmes.

“Any volunteering host community would be rewarded financially.

“We believe that leaving a legacy of nuclear waste, which needs to be isolated from humans and the environment for tens of thousands of years, cannot be justified by short term financial gain; indeed, we are borrowing the present from our children and future generations.

“We are writing to you to urge your council to pass a motion stating that your community will not volunteer to host an underground waste dump. CND Cymru will keep a record of every community, town and county council that passes such a motion, and submit a list to the government’s consultation as part of our submission to the consultation.”

From the end of March, this list of councils who support this motion will be available on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's website www.cndcymru.org.