OTTERS have been spotted in a river running through a Wrexham estate.

The furry mammals have recently been seen in the River Gwenfro which runs through Caia Park, as councillors look to tidy up the environment.

Members of the community council have been looking to arrange a clean-up of the estate across several days of action, and are keen to give wildlife and animals the chance to flourish.

Whitegate ward Cllr Brian Cameron said he was concerned about the litter in the Gwenfro because there have been sightings of otters there lately.

He said: "It's an absolute mess and I've written to the environment department recently to make them aware because we have found out there are otters there, down the back of Nant Silyn."

Cartrefle Cllr Ronnie Prince said the river was full of untapped potential.

"I've checked out the river there and there is absolutely loads of wildlife there", he said.

"But the number of bottles, trolleys, blocking it is bad.

"There are fish there too. It has some real potential."

Queensway Cllr Carrie Harper added: "I know Streetscene resources are stretched but how often is it (the river) cleaned and checked?"

Chair of the council Wynnstay Cllr Malcolm King said the discovery of otters was "amazing", and added: "There are a number of things in the pipeline, it is a big issue but this is positive action if we can pull together volunteers in each ward and get people helping.

"But it is depressing that you can't cover your entire ward in less than a day because there's that much of it."

Council clerk Michael Morris said: "We have met with Shane Hughes of Keep Wales Tidy and there is quite a lot of work involved.

"A Caia clean-up day might be quite ambitious but a clean-up day in each ward across Monday to Friday might be more manageable."

Smithfield Cllr Adrienne Jeorrett added: "It is exciting. People really worry a lot about litter."

Clerk Mr Morris confirmed the estate was due to receive its new litter bins at the end of this month.

Previously the council agreed to fund seven or eight new bins to be placed around the estate in a bid to get to grips with the littering problem.

Likely locations for the bins are by the entrance to Gwenfro school to replace the one that was burnt out, Montgomery Road, by Bentley Place on Rivulet Road, the Queensway, and by Windrush Close.

Members agreed to pay for the bins at a cost of £200 each.