A GROUP of women aim to break down the stigma surrounding period poverty.

The Alyn and Deeside Labour Party Women's Forum met recently to discuss the ways in which they can help women across the area during their menstrual cycle.

The Alyn and deeside group consists of Labour women across the area who aim to support other females and discuss issues which affect the local towns.

Vivienne Blondek raised the idea of sewing reusable feminine pads which could be distributed out, not only helping the women, but also the environment.

She told the Leader: "I was doing quite a lot of sewing and looking at different designs when I came across feminine pads and saw groups across the country sewing them. I thought it was a brilliant idea and can we have this at the moment?

"Reusable pads are much, much better and it will mean there's less waste going into landfill.

"I did some research on it and there's so many patterns out there. I just felt it would be ideal if we could get together as a group and decide on sizes and qualities and even making bags they can go into so young girls have something pretty to put it in.

"When I raised the issue, the girls all thought it was a good idea so it's finding people now."

The Buckley town councillor said she is looking for volunteers who can sew, or would like to develop their sewing skills, to help make the reusable pads and ease the problem.

Anyone who is interested can contact her directly via facebook or on 07557530801.

She added: "It's a huge issue across the county and even the country. It's one of those, it's not widely discussed and these young girls get quite embarrassed to raise the issue - there is a lot more we could do.

"It's a good idea, especially ecologically, it's very environmentally friendly in regards to the problems we've got now.

"We are living in a society where everything is disposable and it's causing major problems to the environment. We need to get back to when we were more protective years ago in reusing items."