A WREXHAM councillor is hoping changes can be made at a trunk road between Chirk and Froncysyllte to make the area safer.

Cllr Frank Hemmings of Pentre is hoping his concerns with the stretch of road will lead to changes being made near the junction which turns onto Newbridge Road to discourage drivers from overtaking there.

The campaign for safety was partly spurred by an incident last year which saw councillor for the Plas Madoc ward, Paul Blackwell, seriously injured for months after a collision with another car in October.

Cllr Hemmings is hoping to meet with Traffic Wales to discuss the potential for safety measures to be put in place at the junction.

He said: “I’ve asked for a meeting with the authority responsible for the trunk road regarding the safety of that stretch of road.

“We’re hoping to propose some safety measures for the junction which cars use to turn onto the Newbridge Road. One suggestion is some big keep left bollards to stop people from overtaking.

“Years ago somebody tried overtaking me there and it’s extremely dangerous.

“It needs to be far safer there. Some drivers do stupid things on that road.”

The area of the road was brought up at a recent council meeting, with several councillors highlighting how dangerous the area is.

Cllr Hemmings added: “I wasn’t aware of the number of accidents that have happened on that road over the years.

“I saw the accident which Cllr Blackwell was involved in – the car was a mess.

“So, if we are able to do something or even just make a small change to that part of the road to discourage drivers from overtaking, then that could be enough. It is a dangerous stretch of road which people pick up a lot of speed on.

“Someone could be killed in an incident there so something needs to be done.”