VOLUNTEERS helped to plant several of a town's new trees.

Following an appeal last summer to identify places in Mold to plant more trees, 193 sites were identified.

From these, Flintshire Council's tree and biodiversity officers and North Wales Wildlife Trust's Wild About Mold (WAM) project officer identified 38 key sites on public land.

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A group of volunteers met at one of the sites, Park Avenue, to plant a selection of new trees.

Amy Green, North Wales Wildlife Trust's Wild About Mold project officer, said: "I was really pleased with the turnout - we had about 20 people who came to help.

"Here at Park Avenue we hare put liquid amber trees and for the hedgerow we've put native hawthorn and hazel.

"We have had a lot of people walking past and taking great interest."

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She encouraged people to come forward to help with the next two tree planting days.

These will take place on Tuesday, February 19 at Gas Lane and on Thursday, February 21 at Kendrick's Field - both from 10am onwards.

Flintshire Council Biodiversity Officer Sarah Slater added: "It is part of wider work we're doing with Flintshire Council adding more natural features to urban areas. "It helps to reduce the level of pollution and there are other added benefits for the community."

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Trees for the sites to be planted by volunteers include Alder, Giant Redwood, Purple Beech, Scots Pine, and Sweet Gum. Further sites will follow as land owner permissions and funds become available.

Anyone who would like to be involved can contact Amy Green by phone on 0796 1698 437 or email at AmyGreen@wildlifetrustswales.org

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