DEESIDE'S Assembly Member has pledged to create a happier online community in Wales.

At a recent debate, Jack Sargeant AM for Alyn and Deeside, said members need to be working harder to combat mental health and eating disorders and images portrayed on social media which is affecting hundreds of people everyday.

Bethan Sayed AM told members at the Senedd that there needs to be a conversation throughout society about the impact of the online world on our lives and men and women feeling pressured to look and act a certain way.

Bethan asked members to go back to their communities and work with constituents and family members to create a more positive and better community online in Wales.

During his short debate, Mr Sargeant agreed and said all the issues the AM spoke about are costing lives, adding: "They're causing heartbreak and anguish for people with eating disorders and other mental health illnesses and to their families as well. And, ultimately, it is costing the NHS more due to the increased spend when someone hits crisis point.

"We do, you're quite right, take social media home with us—more so than ever before. And I think that as politicians we know that too often with trolls, but it's not just trolls that are out there. Some may not mean it, but there are images out there, there are adverts out there that portray maybe the wrong things in life.

"But you are right, because yes, we have Snapchat and we put a filter on our Snapchat, selfies or our Instagram post, but does that make it right? I don't think it does, and that's the question we should all ask ourselves. So, thank you, Bethan, for bringing this forward today because we all in this Chamber need to be working harder on this issue."

The Deeside AM reflected on the recent suicide of a 14-year-old girl and said he, along with many other members in the Chamber, sent their thoughts to the family and other families on a similar position.

He said: "That highlighted to me that there are children out there, there are young people out there, who are able to access online very easily messages to promote suicide and poor health. That is simply unacceptable and I do think we do need to look at regulating various social media platforms."

Speaking about eating disorders, the AM said he looks forward to meeting with campaigner Hope Virgo in the near future who has had similar eating disorder problems during her life.

She focuses on tackling the stigma behind them and mental health in general.

The AM added: "I look forward to working with you and challenge the Government on this issue."