RESIDENTS near Wrexham are becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of litter on the county’s roads.

But various organisations and people are striving to clean up the lanes, including Keep Wales Tidy and their community volunteers.

Wendy Lunt lives near Overton, and has been on a mission to clean up the country lanes as one of Keep Wales Tidy’s litter champions.

She is part of a greater scheme run by Keep Wales Tidy, who run community litter picks as well as providing litter pickers and distinctive red bin bags.

Wendy said: “The other day I went out for five hours and picked up ten bags of litter. Over Christmas we picked up 20 bags of rubbish, filled to the top so you couldn’t pick them up.

“The council say they can’t afford to come out so I say I’ll pick it up myself. But why should we be picking it up, people shouldn’t throw it.

“We’ve seen laybys with no bins with big piles of rubbish. The council needs a full team not just two people.

“The amount of rubbish we pick up, I could do this as a full time job. It goes through hedges as well and animals eat it, it’s just like in the sea.

“I go for a walk and I just can’t bear it. The frustration is just how many bags will I pick up, it breaks your heart.”

Meanwhile Councillor Paul Rogers in Brymbo is also concerned about the level of litter in his village, saying: “Over recent weeks I have received dozens of complaints about litter which appears to have been thrown from vehicles along main roads through the Brymbo”

“I have raised the issue with the council and hope that the litter along these roads will be cleared.”