CHIRK Bank Church hosted a Christmas themed coffee morning on Saturday.

Members of the Church came along to the event as well as residents in the area who were selling festive themed crafts and gifts at stalls.

Awards were given out for the best Christmas lights displays in the area while guests enjoyed free coffee and mince pies.

Member of the church Angela Bright said: “The idea of the event is getting people into the chapel and we give out awards for the best Christmas lights display in the area.

“We had so many this year, it’s worth people coming here to have a look at them all.

“So, the winners were presented and everyone in attendance had a free coffee and a mince pie

“The stalls here are all selling Christmassy gifts, flowers and all sorts. We’re selling knitted hats to raise money for the walking football that we’re trying to get going in the area, and the raffle is for the primary school.

“It’s great for people to get together and get in the mood for Christmas at this time of year.

“We’ve had a lot more people than ever taking part in the contest which is fantastic.”

Chairman of the Weston Rhyn Parish Council Patrick McGuinness presented the awards.

“We’d love to be able to give out awards to more people because they are all amazing, but we don’t have enough prizes unfortunately.

“Thanks for all of your efforts once again this year.”