A HEARTWARMING video of a singalong at a nursing home near Wrexham has become a hit online.

The 40 second clip of health assistant Emily McLeod singing to an elderly resident at the Gwastad Hall Care Home on Llay Road, Cefn-y-Bedd, has gained thousands of likes on Facebook.

Ms McLeod’s colleague, care worker Natalie Parrish, who sent the clip to the Leader, said the footage showed the good side of care homes to counter the negative stories that sometimes appear in the national media.

According to Ms Parrish the resident in the video, Doreen Jones, has difficulty with communicating but the video shows her happiness when spending time with Ms McLeod.

Ms Parrish said: “This lady is suffers with many different illnesses and rarely manages to speak for various different reasons.

“So to see her sitting up singing her little heart out staring in to the camera, makes me beam with pride how confident she is shows how content an happy in the nursing home she is.

“The video has already had more than four thousand views on Facebook.

“Emily’s like that all the time, always singing and its just nice to be able to show the good that happens in care homes.”