VIRGIN Media has apologised after contractors working on its behalf were accused of sexual harassment and abusive behaviour.

In recent weeks, workers have been laying cables on the Caia Park estate as the company continues to roll out ultrafast fibre optic broadband in Wrexham.

Plaid Cymru politician Carrie Harper said she had been approached by several women who have either been sworn at or subjected to sexually inappropriate behaviour by the contractors. It includes one complaint from a mother who was walking her son to school at the time. Cllr Harper, who represents the Queensway ward, said: “I’ve had six separate complaints this week all from women in my ward relating to inappropriate behaviour by Virgin Media contractors who are currently laying high speed broadband cabling in Caia.

“The complaints range from abusive and threatening language and also include several cases of alleged sexual harrasment. I have asked Virgin Media to ensure that these complaints are investigated as a matter of urgency and also to ensure that the men responsible are removed from the ward immediately.A spokeswoman for the firm has confirmed it is looking into the complaints against the contractors and apologised for any ‘upset’ caused.

She said: “We are aware of complaints regarding the conduct of some contractors working on our behalf in Caia Park and we are looking into them. We sincerely apologise to residents for any upset caused and we are working with our contract partner to address the matter.”