A WOMAN has admitted robbing a blind man in his seventies as he walked along with a white stick.

Angieska Kielar, 31, of Yorke Street in Wrexham, appeared at Mold Crown Court via a live television link from custody.

She pleaded guilty to robbing the man of £80 in cash during an incident on November 14.

It was money the victim had intended to use to buy Christmas presents for his family.

Kielar, who followed the proceedings with the aid of a Polish interpreter, wept throughout much of the hearing.

She was further remanded in custody to be sentenced next Friday.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said he could not proceed to sentence without an up-to-date victim impact statement.

The level of physical and psychological harm caused would affect the sentencing category of the case, he explained.

He described it as an “extraordinary robbery” of an elderly blind man who was walking with a white stick in a Wrexham street.

“This is very, very serious,” he said, and told Kielar she would be going to prison and the only question would be how long that sentence should be.

He told the defendant: “I am sorry I cannot deal with the case today.

“The court needs to know exactly what effect this robbery has had upon the victim.”

Barrister Paulinus Barnes, prosecuting, said there was no victim impact statement available at present.

The victim had said in his original statement that he was worried about her taking the money, which he had intended to use to buy Christmas presents for his family.

The judge suggested police should go to see the gentleman in view of his particular vulnerabilities to find out the effect of the robbery upon him.