ANIMAL lovers in Wrexham are looking for new homes in time for Christmas for 28 homeless cats.

Cats Protection’s Wrexham Adoption Centre has launched an appeal to give the felines a fresh start with loving owners.

With a further 50 cats on the waiting list due to arrive at the centre in Madeira Hill, staff say they’re desperate to hear from people who are genuine about pet ownership.

Manager Suzan Kennedy said: “Every pen is full and we have 28 cats looking for a new home, but we have very few people coming in to visit the centre.

“We like cats to go to their new homes before Christmas, so they’re settled before the hustle and bustle of the festivities, but that doesn’t give us long. It’s heart-breaking to see so many cats as they’d all make wonderful pets and deserve to be in a loving home.

“Not only are we currently full, we also have over 50 cats due to come into the centre."

Among the cats who have found their way to the centre is nine-year-old Ruby, who has been a resident since August.

Suzan added: “Ruby is a really lovely cat, and she’s been here so long now. She would make such a great pet and we are all really hoping someone will offer her a home in time for Christmas.

“The winter months are a great time to welcome a new cat into your life. They’re likely to want to stay closer to home, giving you plenty of time to bond."

To find out more about adopting Ruby or any of the other cats at the centre ring 01978 313574.