HORRIFIED onlookers alerted police when they saw “a controlling bully” drag a wailing woman by her hair and attack her.

The victim was dragged “like a rag doll” from near a swimming pool to the Glan Gors estate in Caia Park, Wrexham, where the assault continued in a house.

Kayne Lloyd, 22, of Glan Gors, who admitted assaulting Kim Dixon on August 6 occasioning her actual bodily harm,was jailed for 21 months and a five year restraining order was made.

Judge Rhys Rowlands told Mold Crown Court it was a sustained attack on a vulnerable and defenceless woman.

“Witnesses who came forward in a public spirited way were distressed to hear her wailing in pain as she was being dragged against her will,” the judge said.

“It must have been a truly terrifying ordeal for her and an upsetting experience for members of the public who witnessed what was going on.”

Judge Rowlands said Lloyd had displayed “unpleasant bullying and controlling behaviour of the worst type”.

He had dragged her and punched and kicked her.

Prosecutor David Martin said the victim had been in a relationship with Lloyd for seven-and-a-half years.

They were homeless at the time, they had been to Wetherspoons on August 6, a customer had bought her a drink ,and she told Lloyd she would meet him at the soup kitchen.

But he was said to be furious when she remained drinking and was under the influence of alcohol when she left the pub.

As they made their way to his mother’s home in Glan Gors, he assaulted her on multiple occasions. e slapped her to the face, dragged by the arm and at one stage was pulling her by her hair.

Witnesses were disturbed to hear her “wailing and screaming”.

Lloyd was seen to push her into a bush and into a fence and at one stage hit her to the face as she was screaming: “Stop it, stop it, I love you.”

She tried to get up and he kicked her back down. “He kicked her several times and spat at her,” Mr Martin told the court.

“He was dragging like a ragged doll, telling her to get up and when she did so he pushed her back down."

As they approached the house she was extremely frightened what he would do behind closed doors.

She sat in a corner and he began throwing glasses on the wall close to her, showering her with glass.

He punched her face four times.

Mr Mainstone said Lloyd had previous convictions for assault, affray and a public order offence which had all been committed this year.

In a victim impact statement she told how she had lost contact with her own family since she had been in a relationship with Lloyd and her confidence had been very low.

He would tell her what she could and could not do and he would “go mad with her” if she did not comply.

Since his arrest her confidence was returning, she did not know if she could ever have another relationship because she did not like men.

Se had been mentally scarred by the abuse she had suffered but hoped to be able to move on with her family’s support.

Following the attack she had been left with two black eyes, her nose was tender, her face and mouth were swollen, there were cuts inside her mouth and she had cuts to her feet, legs and arm.

Barrister Philip Clemo, defending, said the complainant had sent his client letters while he had been in custody.

Lloyd knew he was going to custody and had said he deserved it for what he had done.

He was someone who had a short fuse and he was making efforts in custody to tackle that.

Mr Clemo said Lloyd had not had a good start in life and wanted a better life.

He was hoping to get a trade so he could work in the future.

After Lloyd had been sentenced, he shouted to his barrister from the dock that he wanted to change his plea to not guilty.