A MAN set up a cannabis growing factory in a house he rented on Deeside.

David Ian Bateman said the plants were all for his own use.

He was self-medicating on cannabis for anxiety, North East Wales Magistrates Court at Mold was told.

Bateman, 41, of Cornwall Road in Shotton, admitted he was concerned in the production of cannabis at a house in Salisbury Street, Shotton, on September 24.

In his basis of plea he said there were six plants and the cannabis was all for his own use.

He was placed on a 12 month community order and must carry out 180 hours unpaid work as well as pay £85 costs and an £85 surcharge.

District judge Gwyn Jones said Bateman had set up the cannabis grow and clearly had a significant role.

His motivation was to obtain cannabis without having to use dealers in the locality.

Prosecutor John Wylde said Bateman was a tenant of the property in Salisbury Street and had lived there for some two years.

That day there was a report of a burglary and the landlady went to the property.

When she gained access to his rooms she saw that was effectively a cannabis factory set up in a bedroom.

There was a large black tent with ventilation through a boarded up window, plant pots, lights and various cannabis plants.

Mr Wylde said the landlady had estimated that there were some 20 plants but police had been unable to verify how many plants there were.

Bateman went to the property and cleared out the bedroom.

In his police interview, Bateman said he had researched how to grow cannabis, bought a system to grow his own and that he had six plants.

The only photographs available showed six plants which had been thrown around the floor, the court heard.

Solicitor Nick Cross, defending, said Bateman had pleaded guilty on the basis of six plants but only four would yield any cannabis.

There was no financial gain from the operation and his client did not live a lavish lifestyle.

The plants were very much for his own personal benefit, said Mr Cross.

The long term goal was the kit he had bought would pay for itself and he would be able to have a cheaper supply of cannabis for himself.

At the time he was dealing with anxiety issues and was self-medicating on cannabis.

Mr Cross said his client's life had since changed.

He had new accommodation, a new partner and he was now drug free.