A YOUNG mother and her three-year-old son were so heartbroken at reading the Leader’s Toy Appeal that they decided to purchase a handful of brand new toys for the cause.

Ffion Salisbury Jones, from Penyffordd, said the appeal of North Wales Superkids, a charity aiming to bring gifts and cheer to families and children living on the breadline at Christmas, struck her heartstrings.

Superkids was set up by former social worker Margaret Williams, of Flint, who has received an MBE for her charitable work over the years.

Margaret said: “Life throws things at certain families. People suffer major illnesses, deaths or redundancy in the months leading up to Christmas.

The Leader:

“Some children and families are victims of domestic violence, low income, or absent fathers and the kids think to themselves on Christmas morning, ‘What have I done to not deserve a present?’”

“We try and change the situation of children’s lives which is not a permanent change, as we can’t give them a home or a family. But we can bring smiles instead of tears and enrich children’s lives at Christmas.”

After reading about the Superkids campaign on social media, mum-of-one Ffion said she felt she had to do something to support these underprivileged local children.

Ffion and her son, Tiberius Salisbury Jones, aged three, wrapped up warm and went on a trip to local shops to buy an array of toys.

She said: “I saw the appeal last year and I was looking at it online this year. I read the article and my heart broke. It’s really important to us to be kind and we want Tibs to realise that you have to be kind. It was difficult for Tibs to grasp at first the meaning behind it. As a mum, it’s heartbreaking and just makes you want to help. We should not be in this position but we are. It just brings such an appreciation that a lot of people in society are in a different situation. It’s really sad. Instead of buying for my friends this year we thought we would put the money into the Toy Appeal instead.”

Ffion said they both wish the children of North Wales a very happy Christmas.