A BUCKLEY pensioner was the victim of pickpocketing while out shopping.

The incident occurred in a car park outside of Home Bargain's yesterday afternoon.

Michael Lewis, 75, had just arrived back at his car after shopping in Home Bargains when he was distracted by a foreign male, believed to be of eastern European origin.

The thieves took his wallet, which had over £100 cash and all his cards, including his bank card, in it.

Mr Lewis said: ''While shopping in Home Bargains this afternoon with my wife Julie, we were approached by a foreign male wanting 2 50ps in exchange for a pound in which we did exchange with him for.

''After we did our shopping, the same person approached me as I was about to get in my car with take away menu in his hand asking for something and I told him that I could not understand what he was saying, I then got into my car and Julie said check if you have your wallet.

''I didn't have it and it immediately dawned on me what had happened as I'd had it just minutes before. I immediately got out of car but he was nowhere to be seen. I had a considerable amount of cash, my two bank debit cards, driving licence, home address, telephone numbers and other loyalty cards in there. I have since contacted both banks to stop the cards, and have reported the incident to the police. I believe the incident has been captured on CCTV so hopefully the person responsible will be reprimanded.''

A North Wales Police spokesman said: ''We received a call at 4.49pm from a man who believes his wallet was taken from the car park outside of Home Bargains after being distracted by a man carrying a food menu.

''Anyone with information relating to this case please call 101 quoting reference number W185191.''