A Wrexham pub will be offering up two types of spirits this Halloween, if its fabled ghost stories are to be believed.

The Trevor Arms in Marford, a Grade-II listed former coaching inn dating back to the 19th century, has had many ghostly occurrences over the years and they appear to be the stuff of legend for locals, with tales of mystery goings-on, moving furniture and disappearing cigarette lighters.

It is said that ghosts of a cavalier killed during the Civil War near to the site where the Trevor Arms now stands and the wife of an estate steward, thrown down the stairs after an affair, are regular visitors and the Wrexham-based North Wales Paranormal Group (NWPG) investigated the spooky goings on earlier this year.

Mike Griffiths, a medium with the group said: “The soldier belonged to the Royalist army and he was killed in an ambush on what was then open fields and buried on land where the Trevor is now but his bones were dug up to lay the foundations.

“His name was Thomas Willoughby and I have made contact with him on one of our previous visits.

“We’ve been at the Trevor five times before and we were only too happy to go back when we were asked to to see if we can find something else.”

Bev Davies who has worked in the pub for the last two and a half years said she's seen a few things that have given her the chills in that time, including a mysterious boy poked his head around a door.

"There's a room behind the bar and I'd gone to get something from there when I heard a noise behind me and could feel a presence so when I turned I saw this boy with his head around the doorway. I did initially think it was my son playing games, but when I turned to head back to the bar, the boy was nowhere to be seen and my son was nowhere near the door.

"There have been plenty of other times too when I've felt a sudden cold around various places in the bar."

One of the 25 rooms at the pub, number 30, is reported to be the home to a vortex, with several guests complaining of things going bump in the night, including one man who was woken at the 4am to what he thought was something trampling across his bed, while others have reported being told to "get out".

Bev's daughter Megan, who is in her second year at Wrexham Glyndwr University studying TV Production and Technology made a documentary about the haunting goings on at the pub as part of her studies in January.

She said: "I do believe in this as I have seen things and sensed things. If you are open with your mind, then they will be open too."

"I’ve seen a man standing in dark corners off the bar area a few times and there is a vortex in room 30 as guests have reported things happening there."

One of the ghosts or spirits that call the pub home, seems to have a penchant for cigarette lighters, as many appear to go missing, and one recent ouija board seance organised by a paranormal group offered up a possible reason when the words "I like to take things" was spelt out.