VOLUNTEERS cleaned up the areas in and around the River Alyn in Mold on Wednesday.

Members of the North Wales Wildlife Trust and local people covered the River Alyn's stretch through Mold to make it a better environment to both look at and for wildlife.

The Leader:

Glen Morris and Laurence Maxwell during the River Alyn clean up event

The 9 volunteers amassed 20 bin bags full of rubbish, and also removed trollies, tyres, a child's bike, a tent and a bin from the river.

The River Alyn is a popular beauty spot for walkers, but also attracts people who have parties by the riverside, particularly in the summer months.

The Leader:

Amy Green (North Wales Wildlife Trust) pulls out a tent from the river

Amy Green, who works at North Wales Wildlife Trust, said: ''The litter pick formed part of our wider Wild about Wild project, which is about connecting people with the wider environment they live in and educating them about the dangers of litter to our wildlife.

''Rubbish not only has a significant impact to how the environment looks, it greatly affects wildlife, who often find themselves entangled or stuck in rubbish, or they eat plastics which is very harmful.

''There are otters, water voles and numerous other species of amazing wildlife in this stretch of the river and we need to protect them.''

The Leader:

Glen Morris gets stuck in

The Leader:

Laurence Maxwell with some dumped tyres

The Leader:

Cllr Andrea Mearns with bags full of rubbish after just half an hour