A TOWN manager has spoken of his hopes that a retailer will find a new home after closing down a store.

The Co-op store in Mold town centre closed on September 8, a decision the company described as difficult.

Mold Town Centre manager Dave Hill told the Leader: "I hope the Co-op can find a new store in Mold.

"I know they want to stay in the town and they are a valuable asset."

A spokesman for the Co-op said: “The Co-op is moving forward with real purpose and momentum, and while this usually involves opening new stores we sometimes have to take these difficult decisions.

"We believe a strong Co-op can help to create stronger communities.

"The Co-op has the ambition to open at least 10 new stores in Wales next year, stores which will operate at the heart of local life and make a viable and sustainable contribution to local communities by supporting local causes, jobs, growers and producers.

"Co-op Members are invited to say where they would like to see a new Co-op store open through the “suggest-a-site” web page.”

For more information or to make a suggestion visit www.coop.co.uk/forms/suggest-a-site