RESIDENTS in Saltney have been ‘let down’ now plans to build a hub on derelict land have collapsed, it is claimed.

Plans first outlined in February 2011 involved land being made available by Morrisons for first Flintshire Council and then Saltney Town Council to collaborate to build a community facility on the site.

After plans for a library to be built by Flintshire Council were rejected due to the proximity of cabling, town councillors took up the mantra in the hope of building the community hub.

The scheme would have included a library, office for the town council clerk, a hall for community use and there were even plans for a medical facility.

The councils were provided with a seven year window by Morrisons in which to complete the work, but that time has now elapsed and no work has been undertaken.

Morrisons has subsequently reclaimed the land and a county councillor believes the people of Saltney have been let down.

Veronica Gay, councillor for Saltney Stonebridge ward, said: “I’m extremely disappointed that Saltney Town Council didn’t deliver on this.

“The people of Saltney have been let down and the town council, of which I’m a part, need to get its act together.

“We need to stop this petty party politics of who supports which political party and collaborate under one common goal which is to help the people of Saltney.”

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said: “The land was allocated as part of a section 106 agreement following the development of the Morrison’s store.

“The initial proposal was to develop a library on the site. However, because of the proximity of cabling and a substation this proposal proved unfeasible.

“A number of years later Saltney Town Council approached the county council to explore the development of the site for a community space or garden.

“The town council was advised to explore this proposal directly with Morrisons at the time and it is understood agents acting on behalf of Morrisons were sympathetic to the town council’s proposals.

“However, it is unclear if the town council progressed this matter further with Morrisons.’’

Klaus Armstrong-Braun, a former Saltney councillor who was in office at the time the plans were drawn up, said: “I fought hard to get this land given to us for a community hub which would have consisted of a library, a medical practice and a hall for the community to use.

“It is in the centre of the town and next to Morrisons so would be an ideal place for people to come and Morrisons would have let us use their car park.

“But it was scuppered because of objections by Saltney town councillors who didn’t want it.

“Now they haven’t got a library or any such facilities, they’ve lost it and there’s no way it’s going to be built on now.’’

The town council declined to comment.