CONCERNS have been raised after several dead rats were found on village lanes.

Sychdyn resident Noel Williams has previously told the Leader of his concerns over a former council landfill in an adjacent field to the Ffordd Eldon building site in the village.

Mr Williams, who as part of a previous occupation became qualified in hazardous waste landfill management, has now said he has concerns after a number of dead rats have been found on lanes not far from the site.

Northop ward councillor Marion Bateman has confirmed the became aware of the concerns, in particular over discoveries in Vownog Lane, through social media.

She said: "There is an ongoing investigation into a number of rats that have appeared.

"A site visit was made last week and I said I would get them removed."

Mr Williams has said he believes the number of rat burrows along the riverbank at the former council landfill site have increased since building works have been ongoing at Ffordd Eldon.

He has previously said he feels the landfill site was overlooked when permission for the 43-home development was given.

Andrew Farrow, Flintshire Council’s chief officer for planning, environment and economy, said: “The council has received complaints regarding dead rats and have removed them.

"We can confirm that the dead rats were not a result of baiting as none is taking place in the area. We will continue to monitor the situation.”