A MAN uncovered a horde of Roman coins buried in farmland.

Allan Hughes, of Wrexham, found five silver Denarii coins dating back nearly 2,000 years while out searching with a metal detector on arable land in Cockshutt, near Ellesmere.

One of the coins – a Domitian-era coin from 88AD – was declared treasure by coroner John Ellery at a hearing at Shirehall.

Also among the horde were three Trajan coins dated between 103 – 111AD and a Hadrian coin fragment from 117- 133 AD.

Mr Ellery said that the coins were given to Suzie White of the North Wales Portable Antiquities Scheme and then for analysis at the British Museum.

A report from the British Museum said that the five coins were broadly contemporary and found in a small area, which suggested that they were disposed of as a horde.

The reported concluded that they should be considered treasure.

Mr Ellery said all the items qualified as treasure, but added that if no museum declares an interest in an item, an inquest is not required and the items are a matter for the finder and landowner to deal with.

In this case the British Museum was interested in one of the coins, which was declared treasure.