A CRIME series will be returning to screens across Wales and will feature the killing of a Flintshire teenager.

Presenter Andrea Byrne will return for a new series of the ITV Wales ‘Crime Files’ which will reveal evidence from more of Wales’ most intriguing criminal cases and exclusive access to police files and interviews with suspects.

The third series will feature cases from around the region, including the killing of Flintshire teenager, Janet Commins and Andrea will reveal how DNA evidence led police to reopen the case over 40 years after the 15-year-old was killed.

The presenter said: “News reports often only reveal a certain amount about a case due to legal restrictions.

“We report on the crime when it happens and then we report the trial and the result.

“What we don’t find out in detail is the intricate methods used by the police to crack the case and how they made their breakthrough.

"That’s why this series of Crime Files has been particularly fascinating. It’s giving us access to revealing police tapes and new forensic evidence. It’s a remarkable watch.”

Other cases include cases from Rhyl, Trecco Bay and looking back at the infamous Moors Murders.

The series will start on August 20 at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.